Some things I wrote on the internet

I am Ed. I write things using a combination of research, dodgy code, and jokes. Here are some roughly representative examples of things I have previously done on the internet:

At UsVsTh3m/Mirror Online (where I was a staff writer), I wrote everything from an explanation of why photos of the Houses Of Commons looking empty don’t mean anything to an investigation into whether members of pop bands actually like each other (based on their Twitter feeds). I also photoshopped movie posters and remembered things about the TV show Rainbow.

For CityMetric, I wrote about performing Myers-Briggs personality assessments on the Twitter accounts of London Underground lines. I also performed a version of this at the Wikipedia conference.

More recently I’ve been working on online interactive pieces for a digital agency called Distilled, with clients including GoCompare and Just Park – I was quite pleased with this piece about the sometimes chequered pasts of various company founders we did for an online finance company. (I researched the facts and wrote the words.)

Oh, and a while back I wrote a thing for the Guardian explaining why I’d pretended to be a social media intern at a fish paste company.

There’s also some stuff on this website, including an analysis of  which supermarkets various MPs (might) do their shopping at and my adventures in building Twitter robots to win competitions and annoy Alain de Botton.

Maybe you would like me to write or make something dumb for you?

e dot jefferson at gmail dot com